A Love Letter For June

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June is hands down my favorite month. The days and evenings are warm and beautiful now. All the grit and grime of early Spring has been long since washed away. The trees are fully leafed out and flowers are in full bloom….OMG the lilacs!!!  Be sure to stop and breathe that scent in every chance you get.

What I really like about this time of year is that my friends and neighbours are all here, and most of them are busy working on projects. Everyone seems to be outside bringing to life the plans they had been thinking about all winter. Trees and gardens are being planted, decks and fences are being built. They are saying hello and enjoying chats in their yards after a winter of hibernating like bears. Mr. Blue Sky and I have had the first few family barbecues and evening glasses of wine on the porch just watching the cloud formations.  “How deliciously sweet this is….”, we think to ourselves.

It’s the sense of gratitude and engagement that June brings that I love most. We feel lucky again and we feel the abundance of many more months ahead of nice weather to enjoy. Not too many people are away on holidays. All of our friends are here. The hot lazy days of summer when people give themselves permission to stop and give up a little because it’s just too damn hot are not here yet.

The other very best part about June for me?

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It’s baseball season!!! I love Minor Baseball. Both of our boys play and so this time of year is extremely busy with practices and games, but I love every single second of it. Every kid gets a chance to shine and be part of a team. The season always feels too short.

June, everything about you feels so sweet and fleeting. I love you so.

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